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Nobska Light by Karen Rinaldo

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Betsy Carlson Cross

Betsy Carlson Cross is a Cape Cod native, mother of 9, and self-taught artist. She creates landscapes and abstract art with alcohol inks and other media on a multitude of surfaces including paper, canvas, wooden and plastic carvings, ceramic tiles and reflects her love of the Cape. Her artwork is available in original or print, as is or commissioned.
The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA
Betsy Carlson Cross, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA
Kevin M Doyle, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA

Kevin M. Doyle

Kevin is a Juried Photographer at Falmouth Art Center. His passion for photography spans over 60 years to his first camera given to him by his mother and father. Kevin's pictures often celebrate one of nature’s special moments or a physical achievement driven by the creativity of the human spirit. He hopes his pictures will spark a memory or stimulate an idea for the viewer. The photographs come from his home in Falmouth, frequent drives through New England and several cross country travels since retirement.

Karen Rinaldo – Artist-In-Residence

Miss Rinaldo started her business in 1972. Karen’s art reflects the charm of Cape Cod and New England. Historical subjects represent a large body of her work. In 1990 she was commissioned to paint the first historically accurate painting of The First Thanksgiving/1621. In 2015 Karen was the recipient of The Heritage Award presented by the Falmouth Historical Society and by invitation sits on their Board of Directors. Miss Rinaldo remains active with non-profit groups in town and maintains a studio on Falmouth Harbor. In 2017 she partnered with Don Cross to open The Gallery on Main.
The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA
Karen Rinaldo, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA

Sharon Mansfield

Sharon Mansfield resides in Central Massachusetts and has worked in the Public School system as an Art/Business Instructor for over 25 years. Her life-long love of art started in her early teens and continues into the present.

She has inspired and worked with thousands of kids during her career as an art teacher and has brought smiles to many faces with her engaging activities and thoughtful teaching strategies. Sharon continues to work on her craft and stretch her abilities as she still pursues educational opportunities by taking art courses and learning new strategies at local Art Museums. Along with advanced courses where the choice of medium is oil With subjects of gardens and landscapes, she has also mastered Asian Brush Painting where the focus is on ancient techniques using materials or rice paper and ink to display images of peace and tranquility. This philosophy transfers to the subjects chosen for her oil paintings today.

Sharon's paintings have been displayed at the: "Gallery on Main," Falmouth, Ma; 'Worcester Art Museum,' Worcester, Ma; "Arts Worcester," Worcester, MA: "The Sprinkler Factory," Worcester, MA: "Boylston Library," Boylston, Ma; and "Harvest Grill," Holden, MA

Publications: "Worcester Magazine," Artist of the Month. She is a member of the Worcester Art Museum. Arts Worcester, and Tower Hill Botanical Gardens in Boylston, Ma.
"My goal is to take the viewer to the time and place of visual impact and engage them in as many senses as possible."

Barry T. O'Neil

Barry is a graduate of the School of Medical Illustration at the Mass General Hospital in Boston He served as a Corpsman U.S. Navy /U.S. Marine Corps -Korean War. Barry is an official U.S. Coast Guard Artist. The Gallery on Main is very pleased and proud to showcase original pencil and charcoal drawings of Barry’s signature whaling scenes as well as prints of vintage planes and motorcycles.
Barry T. O'Neil, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA
Ronnie and Mindy Reasonover, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA

Ronnie & Mindy Reasonover

Husband and Wife, two painters who paint and" think outside the box."Ronnie creates one of a kind wooden sculptures and Mindy paints her signature style classic hydrangea paintings along with other quaint Cape Cod scenes. The studio space they work from is the old Captain Tobey House on Rt. 28 in East Falmouth. The art ranges from oversized wooden motifs to colorful painted furniture, mural work and commissioned paintings. The owners of Color Your World the Reasonovers work in faux finishing and finely painted furniture tops. Their versatility will amaze and delight you.
Ronnoe and Mindy Reasonover, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA
Ryan Young, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA

Ryan Young

Ryan grew up and lives in Falmouth. He started painting in grade school and by high school was selling work to local galleries. Ryan received a degree in fine art from Southeastern Massachusetts University. Working primarily in watercolors he started placing his work in limited edition prints in 1988 through local printers. Since 2004 he has been printing his own work and does all his own framing.

Grace DiMauro

Grace is a representational fine artist specializing in the pastel and acrylic medium. She can be spotted throughout the year painting the Cape Cod landscape. Grace DiMauro is a member of the Pastel Painters Society, Cape Cod Art Association, Cotuit Art Center, Pine Island Art Association, and Falmouth Art Center. Grace's award winning work has been exhibited in many shows national and local.
Grace Di Mauro, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA
Jan Collins Selman, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA

Jan Collins Selman

Jan Selman's choice of medium is pastel. Proficient in oils as well, Jan's vigorous handling of color and brush strokes reveal a mood and character of her subject. The subjects Jan are passionate about is the natural beauty of Cape Cod and the Islands. Jan with her palette, records the subtle changes of the seasons and sensitive landscape. One needs to look at her work with their nose to the glass to truly appreciate lines, circles, passages of color and technical expertise. The Gallery on Main proudly represents her pastels and Giclee prints.
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Anne Torry-Ballou

Anne is a painter of impressionist works in acrylic paint. Her technique includes photographing the subject sketching the work on the surface in paint, and developing the completed painting in the studio through the layering of colors. Subjects are landscapes, seascapes, and close-ups in nature.

When immersing myself in nature I experience soothing sensations, restoration and mental clarity. This is what Anne tries to express in her paintings.
Anne Ballou, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA
Jack Mara, Icy Ballet photograph

Jack Mara

Your first thought may be about the name – Why JibeMaster? . The jibe is a sailing term describing a specific move to change your direction.

Like a jibe, a special image can initiate a change in direction, emotion or mood. Discovering an image that “talks to you” can be inspiring or calming and should never be ignored. It can take you to a place that only you appreciate; or bring you to somewhere new and exciting; it can help to start you upon a new journey; or help you to discover a new passion; or result in self-reflection. The possibilities are endless. I hope that you will view my images and experience something new, perhaps even a change in direction - your very own “perfect jibe.”
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Sandra Hadley

Sandra works in charcoal to explore and celebrate the world beyond color. Working with the nuances of tone, light and line, she strives to capture the essential truth about each of her subjects and transcends the physical. Without the visual of color, she allows us to see people, places and objects in an unexpected context that creates an opportunity to rediscover the often overlooked and unfamiliar.
Sandra Hadley Website
Sandra Hadley, The Gallery on Main, Falmouth, MA
Beach Roses oil painting by Anne Costello

Anne Costello

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Richard Vecchione

Dick Vecchione worked as a graphic designer on Cape Cod for over 40 years, designing logos and printed materials for all types of businesses, with a client list that included: The International Fund for Animal Welfare, Cape Abilities, The Danial Webster Inn, Heritage Plantation, and many more.

When he retired he resumed painting for pleasure. His watercolors and their almost photographic like detail have won acclaim and awards since he started exhibiting. His watercolor Facing the Wind recently won "Best of Show" at the Cape Cod Art Center exhibit Essence of Winter. AT the same exhibit one of his first acrylics one First Place.

He tries to realistically capture the scenes and seasons of the Cape he loves with its quiet beauty and simple lines. He finds the watercolor medium suits this desire best, although it can be unforgiving.

Dick is just starting to exhibit locally but more of his work can be seen at RVCapeCodArt.com.
Hyannisport by Richard Vecchione
Hyannis Port Pier
Timeless Furniture by Kirsten Mierjeski

Kirsten Mierjeski

Kirsten Mierjeski describes her art form as influenced by taking elements of European, Mexican, and Folk Design and creating visual yet functional home decor. Kirsten's background in merchandising and design has taken her skills to another palette creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for the home atmosphere.

Kirsten has collected boxes and furniture over the years but it is her fascination with each piece that gives it a new life and energy. Taking something ordinary and transforming the table or chair or ornate box gives personal satisfaction but also public joy.

The Gallery on Main is pleased to represent the diverse palette of Kirsten Mierjeski!

Alice Donaldson

Nobska Beach photograph by Alice Donaldson
Timeless Furniture by Kirsten Mierjeski
Sandy Neck Lighthouse

Jean Kirby

Jean Kirby is a Falmouth Photographer. Jean's subjects reflect her attraction to nature and the special Cape Cod landscape.

Jean uses her photos and computer to create digital quilts using photos, and other digital elements to create finished art.

The Gallery on Main is pleased to show Ms. Kirby's photographs.
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Michael Petrizzo

Michael's work has been Fine Art photography and digital art printed on archival papers and canvas. Michael was a photographer for over 30 years and loved the color and light that Cape Cod is so famous for.

The landscapes and cityscapes highlighted within Michael's portfolio are subjects that radiate a meaningful connection of the natural environment and the hand of man in a constructed place. Michael Petrizzo loved the sea and its many sensory gifts, especially those of Cape Cod. You may view an extensive collection of Michael’s work available at www.petrizzofineart.com.
Nobska Beach photograph by Alice Donaldson
The Alabama